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Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ - Champion Spotlight Series - Regional Health


We are proud to shine the spotlight on Regional Health.  Through HNHN and their own robust program, LiveWell by Regional Health, they ensure that their employees have access to what they need for optimal health and wellness.  Special shout out to Stephanie Iverson, Regional Health’s Health and Well-Being Program Specialist.

12f1a6f4db5ee16cf42a13ae9ee0b4e9-huge-reRegional Health in South Dakota is a network of healing environments with approximately 5,000 caregivers throughout Rapid City and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Regional Health supports the health and well-being of our caregivers.

We acknowledge that we must care for ourselves first to have the energy and focus to provide exceptional care for each patient. We recognize that optimal health is not merely the absence of illness: true well-being encompasses career, social, financial, community, and physical well-being. 

Regional Health is a Champion partner in HNHN.  As such, we have made a commitment to our employees and to HNHN to report back our caregivers’ health, safety, and wellness progress.  Currently, we can provide participation and completion rates of our Regional Health challenges, course completions/tests taken and passed, website logins; participation in our Steps tracker and number of steps completed to date. Yearly we can provide our aggregate data such as participation in biometric screenings.

HNHN is offered to our employees as an additional wellness resource.  Our main resource is LiveWell by Regional Health, our own well-being initiative, where we offer our caregivers support, resources, opportunities, and rewards for taking steps to care for themselves. Our initiative addresses each aspect of well-being, offering something for everyone no matter where one stands on the journey to optimal wellness. 
Just as health is more than physical fitness, the impact of health improvement on an individual and organization can be far-reaching. LiveWell provides resources to help caregivers enhance health and well-being, including:
  • Annual biometric screenings and health assessment: Knowing your numbers is the first step in health improvement. Through aggregate data we can find what our health risks are and what our caregivers’ health interests are. This enables us to plan LiveWell programming for the next year.  
  • Comprehensive resources:  We offer support to improve or maintain health – whether that's getting more active, quitting tobacco, or managing stress. We have an online portal which offers challenges, courses, step tracking, and a comprehensive resource section. We have onsite resources such as weight management and gym availability. Our caregivers can take part in all or some of anything LiveWell offers.
  • Incentives: Caregivers can earn a Well-Being Contribution Credit after completing a series of voluntary steps.
We have a robust, interdisciplinary network of approximately 85 Well-Being Champions from all five of our markets in the Black Hills. They are an integral part in increasing participation, motivation and visibility of our LiveWell programming. We provide champion training each year and conduct monthly meetings to keep our champions abreast of the information.
Each spring we offer a Spring Into Well-Being Fair at each hospital in our five markets. At this event we highlight internal offerings, benefits information, and local resources that introduce our caregivers to a wide variety of opportunities to support their own wellness.
LiveWell is directed with its strategic planning by our Steering Team, which is comprised of a diverse group of individuals and disciplines, meeting monthly to work on strategies such as Food & Environment, Communications, and Incentive Design. We have made great strides in providing healthier food options in our vending machines and cafeterias through Steering Team work.  LiveWell by Regional Health, along with HNHN, strives to empower our caregivers to be role models of health and well-being for themselves, our patients, and our communities.  

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