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Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ - Champion Spotlight Series - Mayo Clinic Arizona

057d98ba3e9c80537453a03d2c4abd08-huge-maBy Eileen Reali, BSN, RN, RN-BC

We are pleased to shine the HNHN Champion Spotlight on Mayo Clinic Arizona (MCA)!  Their robust wellness team and early, sustained partnership with HNHN, MCA is frequently called upon to share their best practices with aspiring Champions!

MCA's Chief Nursing Officer, Teresa Connolly was asked by staff nurses to start a HNHN committee after attending a HNHN session at the 2016 Magnet Conference titled “The Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge.”  The nurses who attended the Magnet conference were inspired to bring the Grand Challenge to MCA.  The MCA HNHN committee was started in January, 2017, to make a positive change in the health of Mayo Clinic staff, families and ultimately the community.  MCA also became a Champion partner with ANA on the HNHN journey.  The MCA HNHN committee members then set out to have staff sign up for HNHN.  HNHN information was presented to all nursing management committees, all department leaders and also to the Executive Leaders at MCA.  

MCA had in place an Employee Wellness, Weight & Wellness Solutions Program that was open to all employees, not just nurses.  The HNHN committee joined efforts with the Wellness Program to reach all employees in our HNHN goals.  Both groups supported healthy activity themes each month that would influence the health and well-being of employees at MCA. The HNHN workgroup set goals to increase nurse wellness champions within the organization and utilized the ANA HNHN program to educate nurses on maintaining and improving their own health and well-being.  MCA HNHN group aligned efforts with ANA HNHN program in terms of monthly thematic events while also incorporating activities specific to the results of the MCA HNHN survey results.          

Being a Champion with ANA Enterprise in regards to HNHN gives MCA access to the health survey data from our own staff.  We use this data to help focus future seminars on areas where we have seen a need for change.  The survey data shows how the health of MCA nurses is compared to the health of the nation’s nurses. On future surveys we can use the data to see improvements in the health of MCA nurses.            
Through the efforts of the MCA HNHN and the Wellness committees, we have:
  1. Encouraged staff to take the HNHN health survey. 
  2. Organized Lunch and Learn sessions with healthy activities.
  3. Organized community walks.
  4. Exceeded a million steps challenge for staff nurses during Nurses Week 2017.
  5. Stair steps challenges between units during extreme Phoenix summer weather.
  6. Made an HNHN Music video called “Nurses Believe - Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge” with almost 5,000 views on YouTube, (Bhatti, & Iudiciani, 2017).
  7. Presented the video and the work that HNHN MCA is doing to the local chapter of AZ Nurses Association.
  8. Made a shorter 30 second video for other social media venues like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  9. Brought healthy information to the community at a local HealthFest, (a local community health festival).
  10. Organized an HNHN themed poster presentation at the 2017 Annual Nursing Conference Display Awards (All Arizona nurses were encouraged to submit entries that depict activities and practices within their work unit that promote any of the five (5) components of HNHN), 
  11. MCA HNHN was mentioned in an article by Pamela F. Cipriano, PhD, RN, FAAN, President, American Nurses Association titled, ”Nurses Are Setting A Healthy Example For The Nation´, how we have encouraged staff to Change a Number (a number on the scale, cholesterol number, number of fruits and veggies, number of hours of sleep, etc.), (Cipriano, 2017),
  12. 2west ICU group started a group called FitFam that consists of nursing staff, critical care providers, and the vascular access team.  The champions of the group are bedside nurses, the Critical Care Nursing Supervisor, and Critical Care providers such as, Intensivists, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners.  The goal is to get staff involved as a Fit Family with healthy activities and have family and friends included when possible.

The MCA employees and the community we serve are fortunate that our efforts are recognized at the highest levels of the organization. Wyatt W. Decker, M.D., Vice President and CEO and Teresa Connolly, DNP, Chief Nursing Officer are supportive of all the work we are doing to encourage healthy living in all our Arizona staff.  Our efforts are now spreading to other Mayo Clinic sites such as Mayo Clinic Rochester and Mayo Clinic Jacksonville.  Our goal is to improve the health of our workforce and ultimately our communities by demonstrating a commitment to healthy living.

Bhatti, J., & Iudiciani, L. (2017, September 28). Nurses Believe - Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge.
Cipriano, P. (2017, May 1). Nurses Are Setting A Healthy Example For The Nation. Retrieved May 1, 2017.

Photo credit:  Leah Reali, BSN Nursing Student Pictured left to right: Bryn M. Corbett, R.N., Jayne A. Debrular, M.S.N., R.N. Eileen Reali, BSN, R.N., RN-BC, Teresa L. Connolly, D.N.P., R.N., N.E.A.-B.C., FACHE, Julia R. Chase, BSN, R.N., RN-BC, Jasmine C. Bhatti, BSN, R.N.

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