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Create A Positive Work Environment


Workplace violence against nurses is a disturbing and ongoing problem. One in four nurses has been assaulted at work and health care workers are more likely to be exposed to violence than prison guards or police officers. According to ANA’s 2013-2016 Health Risk Appraisal, 9 percent of nurses fear for their physical safety on the job. These stats are unacceptable. Nurses and their employers must work together to combat this dangerous problem.

ANA’s Incivility, Bullying, and Workplace Violence Position Statement explains that employer commitment is the foundation of an effective workplace violence prevention program. As we start the #EndNurseAbuse challenge we focus on what employers can do to prevent nurses from experiencing violence. The suggested tips this week are intended to help foster discussion on the broader topic on how employers can make their organizations a safer place for nurses.

It's day 3 of the challenge. Today's tip is create a positive work environment. It’s important that all supervisors, managers, and administrators work together to provide a respectful work environment. This includes: 
  • Ensuring all professional codes and regulations are honored and followed
  • Practicing respectful, civil communication at all times
  • Taking all reports of violence seriously and investigating them fully
  • Implementing and enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for violence of any kind
  • Making sure all parts of the hospital are well-lit, safe, and secure

How does your organization foster a more positive work environment? Let us know in our discussion or Facebook group or reply to us @healthynurseUSA.

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