Take A Stand Against Violence 1918

Take A Stand Against Violence

It'sb012f13c2d16b79392a9fe9e63dc9703-huge-en day 3 of the #EndNurseAbuse challenge. Today's tip is to take a stand against violence. Take the ANA pledge to #EndNurseAbuse and or share it on twitter so others understand and learn about this important issue. Don't forget to mention us @healthynurseUSA and tag #healthynurse.

Just like patient safety, nurse safety is vital to ensuring that we deliver care in a place we all feel secure. At ANA, we encourage all nurses to:
  • Support zero-tolerance policies for violence against nurses
  • Report abuse against nurses whenever you are safely able to do so
  • Vow to oppose all forms of nurse abuse (physical, verbal, and mental) and ask colleagues to do the same

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