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Speak Up & Get Help

It’s day 4 of the #EndNurseAbuse challenge. Today's tip is to  speak up and get help. 


Many nurses fear reporting violent incidents because they are afraid of losing their job or facing other repercussions. However, we must commit to reporting all violent acts immediately. If you experience violence or notice another nurse being victimized, get help right away and report the event. Make sure you understand your organization’s policy on violence, as well as local and state laws. Knowing the laws and your workplace policies can empower you to report the incident to the appropriate authorities.  

Today, familiarize yourself with your organization’s policies on violence prevention and reporting.  Speak with your supervisor if you cannot locate these vital documents. Read your state’s laws regarding workplace violence.   

How do you feel about your organization's policies? What do you wish was different? What types of safety precautions at work do you use? Share with us here or let us know in our discussion, in our Facebook group or reply to us on twitter.

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