What Are You Thankful For Today? 2584

What Are You Thankful For Today?

97c306f82903dcf96a3603894bb17cdd-huge-grIt's day 1 of the Get Your Gratitude On challenge.

We’re all overwhelmed, so most of us aren’t feeling 100 percent grateful, 100 percent of the time – and that’s OK. Select a certain time of day – as soon as you wake up and right before bed are good options – to put three things on your gratitude list. Thinking about the special things in your life just might be the lift you need during a break at work, too.

No matter when you take a moment to think of these blessings, try to record them. You can list them in a journal, send an email to yourself, or keep track of them in a notes app on your phone. This way, when you have a rough day, you can turn to a whole series of memories that will make you smile.

How and when will you record what you’re thankful for each day? Let’s share ideas in our discussion or on Facebook.

Find this helpful? Share it with a nurse you know by using the social media links on this page. Join us on day 2.

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