How Can Administrators Support Moral Resilience Within Your Organization?

It's day 7 of the Grow Your Resiliency challenge!

Even if every nurse prioritizes cultivating moral resiliency, there will not be a huge shift in overcoming moral distress unless hospitals and employers support nurses, too.

Here are some extra tips for nurse administrators to develop moral resiliency among nurses:
  • Provide ongoing assessments on moral distress, courage, and resiliency and use the data to meet nurses’ needs.
  • Collaborate with ethics organizations and host seminars on key topics.
  • Support new nurses as they enter the workforce so they can develop lifelong skills to cope with moral distress.
  • Find more recommendations in ANA’s Professional Issues Panel’s Call to Action Report, Exploring Moral Resilience Toward a Culture of Ethical Practice.

Tell us how you’ll make an effort to support moral resilience within your organization. Share with us in our discussion or on Facebook.

Congratulations on completing this challenge. We hope you’ll continue to share resources on moral resiliency with fellow nurses, support each other in overcoming moral distress, and to be an advocate for building resiliency in the workplace. Share the Grow Your Resiliency challenge tips with a nurse you know here.

Posted by Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) on Apr 15, 2019 9:12 PM America/Chicago

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