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We're Looking For You!


If you love Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) and you're looking for an opportunity to get more involved, we may have the perfect gig for you, if you're looking for some extra hours (up to 20/month).

We are looking for Community Managers who have some great ideas on how to help us keep our community abuzz.

Primary responsibilities will include:
  • generating/monitoring discussion threads in the HNHN Connect community, and0f76b2848981d2df0aa37ba90e1f952e-huge-so
  • promoting/highlighting our monthly health challenges

Interested? Tell us why and include your community screenname, your resume and any questions you may have here along with the following:

1. A sample post to engage fellow nurses in improving their health. You can provide an example previously posted elsewhere or write a new one.

2. Think to a time you or someone you know were challenged by a health goal (big or small, it can be anything). What impacted you the most? How were you/they supported through it? Tell us the most significant thing or striking thing to you about that time.

Please Note: You must be an HNHN participant to be considered for this role. Not yet a participant? Sign up here

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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