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Are You Identifying What You Need?


Welcome to day 5 of the Find Your Balance challenge. 

Over the weekend really start to think about how you feel about your career and personal life. Then, make a list of what you may need to change in order to feel more satisfied and fulfilled.
  • Do you need more child care to feel less frazzled at home?
  • Would making friends at work help you feel happier there?
  • Are you struggling with feelings of moral distress because work decisions are not aligning with your values?

Don’t worry about figuring out exactly what you need to do. Ask yourself some questions and think honestly about what would improve your work and home life. Read about different ways nurses can achieve work-life balance.

Missed day 4? Catch up here. Join us on day 6.

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I will definitely be giving this some further thought. One of the changes I I will be kicking off this weekend is to get back into doing things I enjoy. I'm getting outside to explore and taking in an art exhibit which will make such a nice contrast to the endless days I've spent inside my home. I'm also going to take my first yoga session in person at the studio in nearly 18 months. The lack of personal contact and isolation has exacerbated a feeling of disconnection that i sometimes struggle with working from home. My psychological wellbeing has definitely taken a hit and getting back to some self care and things that just give me joy is overdue and necessary to create a much needed positive shift. How I'm going to keep that process going, I'm not sure yet but at least the next few days will be a start. 
I need to take more time for me and do all the things I loved to do before becoming a nurse and mother, Like painting, and dancing, and music.  I would love to remember who I was before I grew up and became an adult