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​​​​​​​Rethink Your Schedule


Welcome to day 6 of the Find Your Balance challenge. 

One of the benefits of being a nurse is the flexibility that the profession affords. Nurses work in many different settings, such as:
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Higher education
  • Government
  • Home care
  • Telenursing                                                              

Many nurses can also adjust their hours to find balance outside of work and help meet their needs. This may be more difficult now due to nursing shortages. You may be able to:
  • Be on “casual status,” meaning you fill in for other nurses and work a minimum of 2 shifts per month.
  • Participate in a “float pool” where nurses rotate shifts between networked hospitals.
  • Have a shared position with another nurse (where 2 nurses split the typical hours of one).
  • Try a different shift.
  • If you are eligible, see if telecommuting is an option.
  • Consider a sabbatical or leave of absence if feasible.

Would a flexible schedule or different shift be a better fit for you? Let us know if you have you considered any of these options in our discussion or on Facebook.

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