Are You Prioritizing What You Value Most? 3306

Are You Prioritizing What You Value Most?


Welcome to day 10 of the Find Your Balance challenge. 

Achieving satisfaction with your work-life balance isn’t a one-time job. You need to constantly assess and tweak your work and home life to get to that balance. Now that you have the tools to feel more in control, use them whenever you need to.

When you’re unsatisfied with your work-life balance, it can be hard to appreciate the good in life. We hope you continue to take time to remember the good. Make a list (on paper or mentally) of what you appreciate both at work and at home. This list may also help you identify your true priorities, so you can make more time for them.

Thank you for participating in this month's challenge! Are you signed up for our next one? Join us as we move our bodies to heal our mind in our October #healthynurse challenge, Mindful Movement, powered by Humana. Sign up here!

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