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Take A Break From Alcohol


It's day 7 of the Healthy Recipe Toolbox Challenge.

Opting for mocktails instead of cocktails — either for the short term or long term — is becoming more popular. The movement is called “sober curious” or “sober sometimes,” and it takes “Dry January” or “Sober September” to a whole new level.

Just remember that some mocktails are loaded with sugar, which can spike your insulin levels and cause weight gain. When possible, opt for an alcohol-free drink that uses natural fruit juices and lower amounts of sugar.

Studies haven’t found a downside to ditching alcohol, but they have found many upsides, including:
  • Weight loss
  • Better quality sleep
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced insulin sensitivity
  • Better liver function

Whip Up an Alcohol-Free Mixed Drink
Now that you’ve learned the health benefits of replacing alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages, you can experiment with fun recipes. You may even forget you’re not drinking an alcoholic cocktail. Here are a few ideas to make at home:
  1. Frozen berries with lemon lime
  2. Orange juice with sparkling white grape juice
  3. Strawberry sparkling water with basil seeds or chia seeds
  4. Cranberry, orange and apple juice mixed together

Add to Your Recipe Book
Make one of these delicious mocktail recipes so you can give “sober curious” a try:
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