How Do You Like Your Water? 3655

How Do You Like Your Water?

7de12140a898ae44f4daaf2d30bad1b2-huge-anToday is day 5 of the Hydration Challenge!  

Do you know your favorite temp and type of water?

Most people have a preference when it comes to drinking water. Some people like a refreshing ice-cold glass while others like their water bottle at room temperature or even slightly warm. You may have even liked flavoring your water with fruit on day 2. Some people even prefer certain brands of bottled water to others. 

Continue to experiment to see what you like best. Knowing what you like (in terms of temperature and type) may help you drink more.
Have you made drinking water part of your routine yet? Have you noticed a trend to when you are drinking water throughout the day? Let us know how it goes in our challenge updates section hereprivate Facebook group, or on Twitter, or Instagram. Tag us with #HealthyNurse.

Congratulations!  We propose a toast in your honor. Cheers to you for not only completing the challenge, but for being a national hero during this pandemic.  Your dedication and care for others is valued and appreciated!  Remember that self-care is one of the most important things you can do for YOU in these unprecedented times.  So drink up, (with water of course!)

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