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Try A Meditation To Stress Less Tonight


Welcome to day 4 of the #WeAreinThisTogether Student Nurse Wellness challenge.

Nursing school is a convergence of new responsibilities, learning, training, studying, and impending deadlines. All of this translates to stress. Today (and every day), try to reduce your stress levels, no matter what circumstances you’re facing.

Easier said than done, right? Here are some recommendations:
  • Breathe deeply: Try the 4:7:8 technique. Slowly inhale over four counts, hold the breath for a count of seven, then exhale for a count of eight. Repeat the process three times in a row to calm and center yourself.
  • Show gratitude: Research shows that being grateful can improve your outlook and well-being. Recognize those around you for their efforts — say “thank you” or send a compliment via text message or email.
  • Go to bed early: Getting enough sleep is vital to combatting stress. Power down the laptop or iPhone and catch some extra Z’s tonight.
  • Add meditation to your daily routine: 
    • Try one of these guided meditations from Headspace here! This form of meditation is directed by a guide, usually a trained practitioner. It’s ideal for those who find themselves constantly distracted and need help staying focused. Haven't started your FREE Headspace PLUS account yet? Get started by logging in here
    • Find daily opportunities for mediation. For example, while you’re washing dishes, focus on the feeling of the water and soap on your hands. Pay attention to the sensations. The more you practice this type of focus, the easier it gets — and the more relaxed you become.

Read more advice on how to keep your stress levels to a minimum:
Tell us which technique you’ll try or share your own stress-busting tips in our discussion here or reply to us on Twitter, in our private Facebook group or Instagram. Remember to tag us with #healthynurse!

How did you feel after trying the guided meditation? Let us know here or reply to us on Twitter, in our private Facebook group or Instagram. Remember to tag us with #healthynurse!

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