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Embrace Your “newbie” Status



Welcome to day 7 of the #WeAreinThisTogether Student Nurse Wellness challenge.

It’s true that the transition from student to nurse is full of emotions. You may feel excitement and joy in conjunction with anxiety and uncertainty. Others may feel the same. In the Who's on Your Nurse Squad tip last week we asked you to reach out to make connections with other student nurses. Follow up with them and see how they are doing. You can even start a conversation on today's tip below and share this link (bit.ly/3r5thuc) so they can get a #YourGratitudeisShowing giftpack from CeraVe too!

Remember, there is a bright side to being a “baby nurse.” As a newbie, you bring a lot to the table. Keep these assets in mind as you continue your studies:

  • You’re motivated to make a difference
  • Your desire to connect and communicate with patients is strong
  • Your new ideas and input matter
  • You’re more aware than ever of your role as a care provider, teacher, communicator, and patient advocate

Write down a list of what makes you a great nurse. Keep it close by — whether it’s taped to your bathroom mirror, in a nightstand drawer, or on the dashboard of your car. Read it today and every day to remind yourself that regardless of your experience level, you already make a difference.

For more inspiration, browse these new nurse resources:

Tell us how you're doing this semester and in this challenge! What are your stress points? What are you looking forward to? Share here or reply to us on Twitter, in our private Facebook group or Instagram. Remember to tag us with #healthynurse and #WeAreinThisTogether.

Missed day 6? Catch up here. Join us on day 8.


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