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Take A Hike


Welcome to day 4 of the Back to Basics challenge, powered by support from Humana.

Get outside and enjoy nature and fresh air while working out. If you’ve never hiked before, don’t be intimidated. Here’s a secret: Hiking is just walking, but on a trail or in the woods. Don’t have access to those? Take a walk in a park, by the beach, or through your neighborhood.

Get bonus points by hitting the hills whenever possible. The inclines will increase the calories you burn and tone your muscles.

Here are some other ways to power up your walk:
  • Time yourself. Then, when you do the same route in the future, try to beat your time.
  • Alternate periods of speed walking with walking at a moderate pace.
  • Use the pedometer on your phone or fitness tracker to walk a little further each time you venture out.
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