Reach Your Zen 3852

Reach Your Zen


Welcome to day 9 of the Back to Basics challenge, powered by support from Humana.

Tonight, try some yoga or a meditation to get your zen on.

Not only can yoga routines help increase muscle tone, improve overall fitness, and strengthen your spine, but research suggests yoga can reduce anxiety and depression. Being a nurse during a pandemic is stressful. Take time today to treat yourself to a relaxing yoga routine. Yes, we said, “treat.” It really will feel good to quiet your mind and focus on stretching and lengthening your muscles. 
Try one of these free beginner yoga videos to get started.

Much like yoga, the benefits of meditation are highly touted – it promotes emotional health and well-being, reduces anxiety, improves sleep and inner calm, and can help us be a better version of ourselves. We invite you to take a look at this getting started video from our favorite app Headspace, meditation made simple. Once you are ready, try one of these guided meditations. If you like it, start your FREE Headspace PLUS account here for meditation and mindfulness tools, guided exercises, sleepcasts, sleepsounds and more.

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I have now run four in person 5Ks in Manchester/Londonderry with Millennium Running.  They have found a way to safely allow us to participate.  It is incredible to be out running again.