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Focus On Eating Behaviors


It's day 3 of the Leveling Your A1C challenge, powered by support from Morrison Healthcare, A Division of Compass One Healthcare. 

Who says you can’t enjoy food while focusing on healthy blood sugar levels? You can — it’s all about establishing healthy eating habits:
  1. Eat slowly: Taking time to taste and enjoy your food helps you avoid going back for seconds. Put your fork down between bites, and choose foods that require lots of chewing, like salads.
  2. Leave the table when you’re done eating: You’ll be less tempted to eat more or have dessert.
  3. Plan your meals in advance and shop from a list: Stay away from foods not on your plan and grocery list.
  4. Shop for groceries after you’ve already eaten: If you shop on an empty stomach, you’re more likely to buy less-healthy foods.
  5. Keep problem foods out of sight: If unhealthy foods aren’t around, you can’t eat them.
  6. Keep healthy snacks nearby: Eat small, healthy meals often to keep from getting over-hungry.
  7. Be mindful as you eat: Focus on how each bite tastes, concentrate on the present moment, and notice how the food makes you feel.

Eating habits play a huge role in maintaining a nutritious diet and leveling your A1C. Set yourself up for success by changing your behavior around food. Today, choose at least one of the above tips to follow moving forward.

For additional tips, try one of these healthy tactics to avoid emotional eating.

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Sponsored by Support from Morrison Healthcare, A Division of Compass One Healthcare 



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