How Can You Contribute To A Positive & Respectful Work Environment? 3891

How Can You Contribute To A Positive & Respectful Work Environment?


It’s day 9 of the #EndNurseAbuse challenge.

Every nurse needs to be a role model for good behavior. Spreading kindness is simple. Say hello, make eye contact, or smile when a colleague passes by – and if you see a fellow nurse struggling, offer assistance.  Expressions of gratitude are always appreciated as well. 

What are you doing to make your workplace more kind and a better place to be? Share your experiences with us here or let us know in our discussion, in our Facebook group or reply to us on twitter.

Bonus Tips for Employers: 

It’s important that all supervisors, managers, and administrators work together to provide a respectful work environment. This includes:  

  • Ensuring all professional codes and regulations are honored and followed 
  • Practicing respectful, civil communication at all times 
  • Taking all reports of violence seriously and investigating them fully 
  • Implementing a zero-tolerance policy for violence of any kind 
  • Making sure all parts of the hospital are well-lit, safe, and secure 

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