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Welcome to day 1 of the Show Yourself Kindness challenge, powered by CeraVe.

In order to cultivate true self-compassion, you have to give yourself permission to focus on you. Over the next 10 days, put yourself higher on your priority list, and don’t feel guilty about it.

Keep reminding yourself (as many times as needed) what self-compassion is — turning inward and offering yourself understanding and kindness instead of judgment and negativity. Studies prove that self-compassion can enhance emotional well-being by:

  • Boosting happiness
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Helping to maintain healthy lifestyle choices
Now, take a minute to consider the answer to this question: How self-compassionate are you?

You may think you offer yourself enough kindness and encouragement, but you may also be your harshest critic. It’s only natural to be harder on yourself than you are on others. Self-compassion, the counter-balance to your inner critic, is often a learned behavior that improves with practice. To practice self-compassion, you must not only make yourself a priority, but do so with kindness, patience, and understanding. That means fostering positivity — choosing encouraging thoughts, gratitude, and to focus on the good.

You deserve to embark on the rest of this Challenge with a clean slate. What might keep you from staying positive? Share with us in our discussion in the challenge update section here or on Facebook. Take a deep breath and let go of all of that.

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Join us on day 2.


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