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Welcome to day 5 of the Show Yourself Kindness challenge, powered by CeraVeCongratulations — you’re halfway through!

Gratitude helps build a more positive outlook, it creates a better environment for self-compassion. It’s a crucial ingredient for quieting your inner critic. Gratitude gives your inner voice the fuel it needs to speak kind, loving thoughts.  

Tonight try a simple gratitude practice. Before you go to sleep think of 3 to 5 things you’re grateful for in your life. The list doesn’t need to be too complex, just write whatever comes to mind or save it in your phone. 

As you go about your day over the weekend or even next week, pull it out and read it whenever you might need to. Try to do this every day and, over time, you’ll notice that your thinking and outlook will become more positive. This gratitude practice will help you “show up” at work with your best attitude and intentions each day. 

Consider starting a gratitude practice. Explore more resources on building gratitude. 

Do you find time for gratitude in your daily life? How? Share with us in our discussion in the challenge update section here or on Facebook

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