Add intervals to your walking or running route 3958

Add intervals to your walking or running route


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Who says you should do the same ol’ thing every time you go for a walk or run? Today, let’s keep it interesting by adding some variety.

Instead of simply walking or jogging (or a combination of the two), add some extra physical exertion into your routine. For example, if you normally only walk, add 30 seconds of jogging every couple of minutes. If you normally jog, add 30 seconds of sprinting every few minutes. Not only will this interval training get your heart pumping, but it’ll also increase your steps and burn more calories.

Beyond the health benefits, it’s refreshing to add variety to an old routine. It’s easy (and comfortable) to get stuck in a rhythm. But routine doesn’t push you to new heights — change does.

Don’t have time to go for a walk or jog after work? Get outside for some extra steps during your lunch break. After all, fresh air and being outside is good for the body and mind.

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