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Try A Playout


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A playout is a unique (and entertaining) way to use the environment around you to meet your exercise goals. The purpose of a playout is to combine multiple movement patterns to overcome an obstacle, like a large hill, park bench, or playground slide. Playouts are fun because you decide what you make it — it’s more about exploration and improvisation than traditional workouts.

Put on some comfortable clothes and sneakers, grab a friend or family member, and head to a nearby:
  • Playground
  • Park with benches, rocks, and/or fences
  • Skate park
  • Woods or hiking trail

Once there, pick an obstacle to focus on. One example is a park bench. Spend 5–10 minutes using it as your exercise prop by:
  • Crawling over it or under it
  • Jumping on and off
  • Jumping over it (depending on its size)
  • Balance-beam walking on it
  • Simply going around it with a jog or run

Build upon these actions by creating movement combos. Do a balance-beam walk, followed by a jump off, then a jog around the bench. Time yourself and see if your accountability partner can beat your time.

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With a playout, your options are endless! Consider your own capabilities and fitness level, then make it what you want.

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