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Be Inefficient


Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana

That’s right — you read that correctly. Today, we’re asking you to lower your efficiency when it comes to necessary activities like bringing in the groceries or taking out the trash.

Instead of loading your arms with as many grocery bags or trash bags as you can hold, aim for multiple trips. Think about how many extra steps you’ll get by carrying smaller loads. Use these opportunities to increase your physical activity.

While efficiency is great, it sometimes makes us less active. When you have an extra few minutes, take the opportunity to move more. Today, we give you permission to make those errands and important to-dos as inefficient as you can.

But wait — why keep the benefits of inefficiency to yourself? Ask a loved one to help so you can enjoy each other’s company as you gain those extra steps.

We hope you end Day 8 of this challenge feeling productive and proud of yourself. You’re not just moving, you’re spending time with people who are important to you, and maybe even getting something important done. And you’re more than halfway done with the #healthynurse Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana!

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