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Bring A Buddy


Welcome to day 6 of the Stride-and-Seek Challenge, Powered by Humana!

Part of this challenge is about steps, and the other part is about reconnecting. Today’s focus is on both. Invite a friend or family member along for your walk/jog and use the time to catch up. BONUS: It’s even better if it’s someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Research shows that social connection improves physical health and promotes mental and emotional well-being. In fact, over time, lack of social connection can be worse for a person’s health than obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure.

Yes, it’s true that you probably socialize with coworkers and patients while you’re working. But that’s not the same as deep connection with someone whom you share common interests. With loved ones, conversations go deeper than small talk and connections are stronger than they often are with a mere acquaintance.

As you get some extra steps in today with your friend or family member, snap a photo together. Don’t forget to show us by posting a video or photo in the challenge update thread here, in our private Facebook group, or on Twitter, or Instagram and tag us with #healthynurse.

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