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Keep your eyes open


Welcome to day 10 of the Stride-and-Seek Challenge, Powered by Humana!

Congrats on finishing the #healthynurse Step Up & Reconnect Challenge, Part 2! While our 10-day challenge has come to an end, your new routine of going on walks/runs with renewed perspective doesn’t have to. Continue to challenge yourself to turn off technology and notice more of what’s around you. Take in the sights, smells, sounds, and feel of being active outdoors.

One way to keep this scavenger hunt going is to create your own list of items to look for when out and about. Assign a number of points to certain items — more points for harder-to-find ones — and share the list with a loved one. Whether it’s completed together or apart, challenge each other to the scavenger hunt to see who scores more points faster.

Make it your own but keep going. Don’t stop moving just because this challenge is over. And don’t worry — we’ll be back with Part 3 before you know it.

Need more inspiration to stay active? Explore these ideas for further reading:

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