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Take Advantage Of Hydration Stations


Does your organization have hydration stations? If so, now’s the time to start using them.

Health care organizations are allowed to define and establish safe eating and drinking areas for employees. Hydration stations are secure, designated areas where you can store your beverage and return to drink it.

If your organization doesn’t have hydration stations, take this idea to your nurse manager or wellness committee. Advocate for making hydration a priority at your organization. Here are a few examples of organizations who make it work:

Nurses like you need to feel their best to provide exceptional care to patients. Remind your employer that dehydration can cause:
  • Confusion
  • Constipation
  • Cranky, anxious mood
  • Dizziness or weakness
  • Dry mouth and/or dry cough
  • Flushed (red) skin
  • Headaches or lightheadedness

Explore our discussions to see how other nurses get enough to drink during their shifts.

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