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Set Some Rules (And Stick To Them!)



Congratulations on finishing the Hydration for Health Challenge! After 10 days of fueling your body with the fluids it needs, we hope you’re feeling energized, refreshed, and healthy. We’ve got one more daily challenge for you to tackle, but we hope you continue prioritizing hydration once you’ve completed it.

Today, it’s time to set some ground rules. Making yourself follow a rule or two can help you stay on track, but the key is holding yourself accountable. Take these rules seriously. They should not be “if I feel like it” rules — they need to become “must-follow” rules.

You decide what’s attainable for you, but here are a few ideas:

  • Every time you work out, you must bring a water bottle and drink the entire thing
  • Before every meal, you must drink a glass of water
  • After every bathroom break, you must drink a glass of water
  • Every time you get out your phone to scroll social media, you must drink a glass of water

No cheating allowed! You can do it. Keep yourself on track with proper hydration for the long-term and watch this new routine become a healthy habit you can’t live without.

Tell us what rules you have come up with. Share them in the challenge update section here, in our private Facebook group, or on Twitter, or Instagram,

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