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Rock The Vote!

f3ea0529a2c790807a58a351bdd9d002-huge-adIt is day 6 of the Use Your Voice advocacy challenge!

Today we remind you to rock the vote this year. It may seem simple but, according to the Pew Research Center, tens of millions of registered voters didn’t cast a ballot in the last election. Your vote makes a difference, especially in local races and during mid-term elections, like this year's.  Set a positive example for others and make sure you rock the vote. Here are a few things you can do to prepare: 

  1. If you’ve moved recently, you’re not registered to vote or unsure if you are registered, make sure you register today at Rock the Vote,, or; And if you know someone who’s not registered, send them these links so they can register before the midterm elections in November.
  2. Find out when your primaries are, here, and mark them on your calendar. Many voters miss smaller elections because they don’t know the dates. For some local elections and primaries, there may not be as much coverage as a large election. However, these smaller elections can have a bigger impact on the local community where you live and work.
  3. Visit to know where your polling place is in advance.
  4. Learn who is running in your local, state, and federal elections and learn more about their position on issues you care about. Follow them on social media, sign up for their newsletters, or check out blogs and apps covering these elections to see what they have been up to during their campaigns and while in office.

In the past week, we know we have provided a lot of information for you to digest, so we’ve planned a #BedsideandBeyond #nurseadvocacy Twitter chat to answer your questions tomorrow, Tuesday June 19. Bring your questions and join us!

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