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Welcome to day 1 of the Curb Your Sweet Tooth challenge! Thank you for joining us!

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that most women consume a maximum of six teaspoons of added sugar per day and that men consume less than nine. Today, we challenge you to take note of how much sugar is in the foods you consume today.

Read food labels to learn the total sugar content. Packaged food labels list sugar in grams. 4.2 grams of sugar equals one teaspoon. So, a packaged food that has 12 grams of sugar, has roughly three teaspoons.

Were you surprised by how much sugar you consumed? Let us know if you are over or under AHA’s recommendation in our discussion or on Facebook, and join us on day 2.

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Posted by Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) on Jul 16, 2018 6:43 PM CDT

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For me I have been diligent using MyFitnessPal app. I can scan all my ingredients when I am cooking and snacking. I will scan it first if it has too much it will tell me I am close to my limit. I also measure my food. If one serving is one cup I will use a measuring cup.
This helps me stay on top of it. 
  • Posted Thu 21 Mar 2019 11:28 PM CDT
I took on this challenge a little differently than recommended. I haven't had dessert since March 1st. Reciting the words Health Nurse Healthy Nation and then then politely declining the offer of dessert. (I even said no to the fancy pink boxed cupcakes for a co-workers birthday). I have allowed myself my normal sugar and creamer in my coffee and one square of dark chocolate at night. I never use artificial sweeteners so that part is easy. I still eat fruit daily but have limited my yogurt to plain. Keep up the energy to be healthy. 
  • Posted Thu 14 Mar 2019 11:23 AM CDT
Some foods disguise the sugars as sucrose, maltose, and dextrose. Artificial sweeteners are bad too. Aspertame and maltodextrin should be avoided as well.
  • Posted Tue 12 Mar 2019 08:11 AM CDT
This will be a big challenge for me since I love sweets! Oh my! Just before I entered this challenge few minutes back, I already consumed Coffee with sugar, and a small piece of milk chocolate.. Got to watch out for the remaining days consumption:)
  • Posted Tue 12 Mar 2019 04:38 AM CDT
I’m here, excited and ready.  It is time for me to make some life style changes.
  • Posted Sat 09 Mar 2019 05:48 PM CST
HI All,
i am here! hoping to have this stick
  • Posted Sat 09 Mar 2019 11:47 AM CST
What do I need to do for this challenge??
  • Posted Fri 08 Mar 2019 10:40 AM CST
Does this mean tracking the natural sugars gms. found in fruits too, or just packaged food with added sugars?
  • Posted Fri 08 Mar 2019 09:46 AM CST
Really look at the labels to see how much added sugar is in products----- I was surprised  to see added sugar in bacon, milk etc!  I found a greek yogurt with no added sugar at Aldi's- it is delicious!
  • Posted Fri 08 Mar 2019 06:52 AM CST
Cut up some veggies and keep them in the frig for when the cravings are too strong.  Lorraine
  • Posted Thu 07 Mar 2019 10:25 PM CST

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