Got 10 Minutes? Meditate. 3229

Got 10 Minutes? Meditate.

It's day 4 of the Renew Challenge.

Reviving your life requires peace of mind. Meditation is an ideal way to clear the mind in a short amount of time.  If you are seeking a dynamic meditation practice, walking meditation, also known as mindful walking, requires you to move in the environment.  It reaps many of the same benefits of traditional meditation.

One study found that meditation reduced everyday anxiety by as much as 39%. Brain scans show meditation reduces perception of pain and experiences of anxiety.

Not sure how to meditate? No problem. These resources might help:

After you give meditation a try, tell us how it went in the HNHN Facebook group or post a picture of yourself after meditating on Instagram. Tag @healthynurseUSA and #healthynurse so we can encourage each other.

Find this helpful? Use the social media links on this page to share it with a nurse.Invite them to join the Renew challenge, powered by support from Humana. Join us on day 5.

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