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Maintain A Positive Mindset

30c6c8ca2f03367246107648feb1a955-huge-reIt's day 6 of the Renew Challenge. 

Your thoughts when you wake up can make or break the rest of your day. If you begin the day with a negative mindset, you’ll probably go through the day feeling pessimistic.  Positive thinking is simply a mental and emotional attitude of expecting good results. Many people confuse positive thinking with optimistic blindness.

In reality, positive thinking is based on a critical approach to life situations where a more positive behavior to problem-solving is prioritized.

Reminders for staying in a positive mindset:
  • Don’t believe everything you think – Our problems aren’t as big as the mind sometimes tries to convince us.
  • Let go of your need for perfection – No one is perfect and living with that expectation will only increase stress
  • Be here now – When you give yourself over to living completely in the moment, you’ll find life is easier.
  • I am grateful for my journey and its lessons – There are lessons to learn from all that happens to us.

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