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Read One Page Of A Book Before Bed

It's day 8 of the Small Steps = Big Changes, powered by support from Humana. 

Did you know that reading reduces risk of depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and stress levels? Reading can also help you become more empathetic, expand your vocabulary, and improve your focus and concentration. Immersing yourself in a good book makes your brain come alive.   

For today’s challenge, take a few minutes to read one page of a book before you go to sleep. This is the perfect time because reading is a calm, quiet activity and it helps you unplug before bed.  You never know — you might become so enthralled with the story that you read a full chapter.

Not sure what to read, or need something new? Here’s the latest New York Times Best Sellers list with something for everyone.

How are you doing in the challenge so far? Let us know in our discussion or in the Facebook group.

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Missed day 7? Catch up here.  Join us on day 9.


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