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Have A 1:1

Welcome to day 3 of the Embracing Caregivers Challenge!

Today consider a private, one-on-one conversation with a caregiver. The start of this conversation may be difficult as they may not want to talk about themselves. To avoid this, present the discussion as an opportunity to work together to provide the best care for the patient. Use a caregiver needs assessment as an opportunity to plan the best ongoing care for your patient.

Use these tips when assessing the caregiver:
  • Ask questions in a nonthreatening way
  • Listen carefully
  • Watch the caregiver’s body language
  • Pay attention to tentative statements — they could lead to important information to help you help the caregiver (and the patient)

Examples of questions that focus on a patient’s needs are:
  • Has anyone shown you how to use the equipment to move your family member from bed to chair so that you don’t hurt yourself or her? How comfortable are you with doing that?
  • Your mother is taking a lot of new medications and some of the old ones have been dropped. It can be confusing, so let’s go over the list together.
  • Has anyone explained the medications your family member will have to take at home? Do you understand them? If there are other people in the home, can you show them what to do?
  • Because your family member has had a stroke, it’s important to help him swallow food very carefully. Has anyone shown you how to feed him or help him eat?
  • You told me that you live in a third-floor walkup, and your family member will be going home in a wheelchair. Has anyone helped you figure out how to manage that situation?

Remember to always follow HIPAA regulations and obtain patient permission before having this conversation with a caregiver. Respecting patient confidentiality is essential.

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