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Recognize Caregiver Burnout?

Welcome to day 4 of the Embracing Caregivers Challenge!

Are you looking for signs of burnout in the caregiver? Your needs assessment should help you identify warning signs if the support person is already feeling the negative effects of caregiving.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, these are the symptoms of caregiver burnout:
  • Withdrawal from friends, family, and other loved ones
  • Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed
  • Feeling blue, irritable, hopeless, and helpless
  • Changes in appetite, weight, or both
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Getting sick more often
  • Feelings of wanting to hurt themselves or the person for whom they are caring
  • Emotional and physical exhaustion

By helping the caregiver, you are helping your patient. If you think the caregiver may have any of the burnout symptoms, offer your support. Your goal is to make them feel heard. See if you can lighten their load by providing training, education, resources or reassurance.

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