How Much Time Did You Spend On Screens Today? 3582

How Much Time Did You Spend On Screens Today?

792b888c3b7577cb97818128acdb5a5f-huge-scWelcome to day 1 of the Screen Time Detox challenge! Eliminating all screen time, for most people, is not realistic due to work responsibilities.Tonight reflect on what your personal screen use time over the course of the day was. Did you do any of the following:
  • Binge watching
  • Scrolling through social media
  • Playing games on your tablet, computer, phone, tv
  • Texting
  • Unnecessary emails
Think about what you can decrease? What will make your life easier and more enjoyable? Think about setting some ground rules over the next 10 days. For example consider no screens when you’re eating, in the bedroom or bathroom perhaps.

Let us know how much screen time you had today and what your goals or ground rules you will set for yourselves in the updates section here, our private Facebook group, or on Twitter, or Instagram

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ChristiM ChristiM Feb '20
ConnieA23‍ great job! I know I definitely get sucked down the rabbit hole when I am surfing the internet. Keeping your screen time to under an hour is impressive!
ConnieA23 ConnieA23 Feb '20
My biggest challenge is in the evening. I use my tablet to check the news, read emails, watch a video etc. Before I know it an hour or two will have gone by. My goal is to set a specific time limit for reading emails and the news then put the tablet away. I don't spend much time during the day with screens ( other than whats required for work), so I intend to focus on the evenings. Last night I kept it to under an hour.
I work during the day and post at night.  Been watching You on Netflix and Sex Education.  I love watching Disney + and Hulu.  I cut my cable and internet by half because now I work full time.  I don't really use my phone during my work day.
ChristiM ChristiM Feb '20
My husband and I do binge watch tv once our toddler goes down for the night. We have been trying to make sure to actually spend quality time together more lately and not just sit next to each other while watching tv or on our phones. I also have been trying to be more conscious of how frequently I will just pick up my phone and start scrolling through facebook. I need to cut back or cut out. I'm mindlessly doing it at this point.