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Does Snacking Make Or Break Your Nutrition?


It's day 3 of the Healthy Recipe Toolbox Challenge.

There’s no doubt snacks make up a large part of our diets. And 53% of people say snacking is hard to resist even when not hungry. So, how can we make snacking “healthy”? And what does “healthy” even mean?

The definition of “healthy” changes over time depending on new trends and diets. Regardless of the latest trends, look for snacks with:
  • Whole grains
  • Low sodium
  • High protein
  • Gut-promoting benefits

Healthy Snack Examples
Not sure which healthy snacks to buy during your next grocery trip? Try one of these:
  • Chickpea puffs, which are a healthy alternative to chips or cheese puffs, but still have the same crunch
  • Gut-friendly ingredients like kale, which can be used in smoothies to aid in digestion
  • Quinoa chips, which are a trending snack loaded with whole grains and protein

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