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Form A Cross-training Tribe


Welcome to day 8 of the Possibilities Unlimited challenge, powered by support from Humana.

Add some excitement to your usual running or walking route. Variety keeps exercise from becoming stagnant and motivates you to keep going. Spice up your routine with body weight and standing exercises along your walking/jogging path.

Follow these steps:
  1. Map out your route. It can be your typical path or something new.
  2. List 5 to 10 bodyweight exercises, like squats, lunges, burpees, or push-ups.
  3. Next to each move, write down a landmark you may see along your path (water fountain, red light, park bench, or even a type of vehicle).
  4. Begin your scavenger hunt. Every time you see one of the landmarks, do 10 reps of the corresponding move.

Not only does this scavenger hunt add thrill to your usual route, it makes for an even better workout. BONUS: Bring a friend or two to share in the adventure. Or involve the kids! Turn it into a backyard fitness scavenger hunt for the whole family

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