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What's For Lunch?

It's day 3 of the #GetFinanciallyFit challenge, powered by Prudential.

It's hard to save when you have bills to pay and expenses that need to be managed. Sometimes it's even difficult trying to figure out which bills to pay off first, though with a good strategy, you can avoid excessive interest and reduce the amount you owe. Prudential's Debt Calculator can help show you how to pay off the right debts first.

When it comes to savings, even $2 a day can make a large difference in short or long term savings goals. That's over $60 monthly and over $700 a year. Lunch is an easy place to start!

Today we ask you to consider how you can save on lunch. Think about what you had for lunch today and what you spent. Did you pick something up last minute or eat at home? Try packing a lunch from home if you are eating out and over the next couple of days track your lunch spending. If you are already eating from home use a meal planning worksheet to break out an ingredient cost list and see how much lunch costs at home to determine if there are ways to cut back. Meal prepping on a day that works best for your schedule is one way to plan out what you are eating and work out cost savings. 

Let us know what you save on lunch here, and if you meal prep, show us what you make! Post a photo in our private Facebook group, or on Twitter or Instagram. We'd love to see them! Remember to tag us with #healthynurse and #GetFinanciallyFit.

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