It’s OK To Indulge, But Be Mindful


It's day 6 of the Curb Your Sweet Tooth challenge! 

When out to eat, ordering takeout, or celebrating a special occasion, don’t feel guilty for treating yourself. Just keep one thing in mind — moderation. By taking control of your sweet tooth even for one day, you’re doing your body good.
So, if you get the temptation to go overboard with sweets, try one of these ideas instead:
  • Resist dessert and order a delicious, high-protein appetizer instead
  • Order dessert, but share part of it with others
  • Eat some of the dessert and enjoy the rest another day

Mindfulness and self-control are crucial to curb your sweet tooth and treat yourself in moderation. You don’t have to cut out sweets completely, but you should establish a line that you know not to cross. Being mindful of when and how much to indulge is a positive step in the right direction for your health.
Need more motivation? Read our healthy tactics to overcome emotional eating.
How did it go over the weekend? Let us know in our discussion in the challenge update section here or on Facebook.

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Posted by Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) on Mar 1, 2021 2:56 PM America/Chicago

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