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Choose Healthier Sweets & Treats Today


Welcome to Day 1 of the Eat Your Heart Out Challenge!

Today is Valentine’s Day — a day synonymous with chocolates, sweets, and sugary goodies. It’s also Day 1 of our heart healthy challenge — so it’s a good time to talk about sugar.

Natural sugars are a healthier option compared to added sugars. You’ll often find added sugars (also called corn sweetener, high-fructose corn syrup, and fruit juice concentrates) in desserts, sweet treats, candy, and sugary drinks. On the other hand, natural sugars are found naturally in fruit and milk.

“Reducing added sugars can help you to cut calories, improve your heart health and control your weight,” says the American Heart Association.

On this Valentine’s Day, make healthy swaps while still enjoying the sweetness of sugar. For example, instead of downing a candy bar, indulge in a dark chocolate-covered strawberry. With that switch, you’re ditching added sugars for natural ones — a smart choice for heart health.

Try this sweet and tasty recipe for a healthy Apple Pear Crisp or these Matcha Mini Cakes.

Want to take it a step further? See how replacing soda and sugary drinks with seltzer or water can impact your health.

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Stick with us! We’re just getting started. Join us for day 2.

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