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Try A Healthy Recipe Swap!


One small change can have a major impact on your nutrition. For example, consider swapping a traditional dish like mashed potatoes or stuffing with a recipe that uses cauliflower. Mashed cauliflower is a lower calorie, lower carbohydrate option (and it’s just as delicious). Today, make one healthy swap with a food or recipe you enjoy.

Here are a few ideas:
  • Instead of white flour, use whole wheat flour
  • Swap out sour cream for low-fat Greek yogurt
  • Eat strong cheese instead of mild ones
  • Choose turkey over ham
  • Cook steamed, sautéed or roasted veggies instead of creamed or candied

There are ways to enjoy the foods you love without ditching healthy habits. Keep flavor alive (and do your heart a favor) by using more nutritious food substitutes.

If you need more inspiration, try these healthy holiday food swaps or these 5 ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Have any food swaps you’ve discovered that taste just as good as the original? Share it with us in our challenge update thread here, in our private Facebook group, or on Twitter, or Instagram. Tag us with #healthynurse! 

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