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Notice Nature

It is day 9 of the FulFILL Your Cup challenge, powered by CeraVe.

Did you know that people often feel positive emotions like awe, connectedness, and hope when they’re in nature? Today, we’re challenging you to pay attention to nature to boost feelings of connection to the bigger picture and the role you play in it.

Try one of these activities to get you outdoors:
  1. Look for and take photos of something in nature that makes you feel strongly.
  2. Visit a local, state, or national park near you.
  3. Eat your meals outside.
  4. Pick a beloved book and head outdoors to read.
  5. If you find yourself on a long call with a friend or have meeting for work, head outside with your phone or computer.

Nature has a powerful way of impacting our emotions. It can feed you and help fuel your life purpose. We hope today’s exercise gives you a greater sense of connectedness to others and the world around you.

Want to take it up a notch? Try forest bathing — a type of outdoor meditation. It’s the perfect way to slow down while taking in the beauty that nature offers. Headspace also offers nature meditations as well. Try your free subscription today.

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