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Consider Motor-less Transportation

One way to get moving (and get your heart pumping) is to use your legs for transportation instead of a motor.

Today’s challenge is to swap your usual mode of transportation (like your car) for a bike ride, walk, or jog. This might not be possible for longer commutes, like if your workplace is far from your home. But if you’re able to make the swap any time of day (it doesn’t have to be to and from work), give it a try.

For example, if you are already driving to work consider running errands around work that are possible on foot or bike. Another idea is instead of driving to the grocery store for that gallon of milk you need, walk or bike — or go to a nearby gas station convenience store. If carrying purchases back may be too hard on your own, consider going with someone. You’re moving more, getting your heart pumping, and marking off one of your to-dos. It’s a win-win-win.

If you do live near your workplace, consider riding your bike or walking instead of driving. See how it goes today, and if all goes well, incorporate this activity into your routine more often.

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