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Take Time To Rest


“Rest is more than a good night’s sleep,” says Udaya Thomas, PhD, MSN, MPH, APRN. “Taking ‘rest stops’ throughout the day can improve your mood, reduce anxiety, boost mental clarity and energy, and increase your ability to give and receive compassion.”

What does a “rest stop” look like? Resting for whole-body health can be:

  • Pausing to take a few deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed
  • Eating mindfully on your break without any electronic devices
  • Using your workplace's restoration/resiliency room on a regular basis
  • Turning off noise and sitting in silence for a few minutes
  • Doing something that calms your mind and body, like reading a book or journaling
  • Sitting down and drinking a large glass of water to hydrate
  • If you are a religious or spiritual person, taking a few quiet moments to pray or meditate

While we’re certainly not downplaying the importance of quality sleep, try to prioritize other ways of feeling rested, too. Giving your mind a break during waking hours can help restore your energy. Do it for your whole self — mind, body, and soul.

Read our blog to see how other nurses incorporate restful, micro-restorative exercises into their workdays. Or get inspired by #healthynurse Melinda Taylor, DNP, BSN, CDP, AGNP-C, who created a resiliency room as a resource for health care professionals.

Tell us how you will find some time for rest today in our challenge update thread here, on Twitter, in our private Facebook group or Instagram. Remember to tag us with #healthynurse!

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Burnout can be a serious issue. Contact your health care or mental health provider if you have any concerns.

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