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Fruit It Up!


It's day 5 of the Curb Your Sweet Tooth challenge! 

Today's tip is to satisfy your sugar cravings with fruit. Believe it or not, natural sugars (such as those found in fruit) and processed sugar (like high fructose corn syrup) are pretty similar. They’re both comprised of fructose and glucose. The main difference is: When sugar naturally occurs within a food, there are often other beneficial nutrients that offset it. For instance, fruit contains vitamins, minerals, and water. Avoid certain high-sugar fruits like pineapple, pears, bananas, and watermelon. But, if you’re deciding between a chocolate chip cookie or a cup of pineapple, go for the fruit!

Another reason to opt for fruit compared to sugar-laden cravings is that fruit is high in fiber — which fills you up, so you'll end up eating less. For example, most people can consume a 16-ounce soda or large brownie in one sitting, but it’s unlikely that you’ll eat three apples in a row, which contain about as much sugar as the soda or brownie. Check out these tips for interesting ways to incorporate more fruit into your diet.

How are you doing in this challenge? Have our tips helped you curb your sweet tooth? Also let us know how you did yesterday in our discussion or on Facebook.

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