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What Are You Drinking?


It's day 4 of the Curb Your Sweet Tooth challenge! 

Today we challenge you to think about the sugar content in what you are drinking. A single 12-ounce can of regular soda has about 10 teaspoons of added sugar, which is more than the average person should consume in a day. A child’s juice box has 5 teaspoons. A store-bought smoothie has 4 ½ teaspoons, and a blended coffee drink has a whopping 16. Alcohol drinks or cocktails can pack in just as much. Try to avoid or cut down on added sugar in your beverages with these tips:

•    Make your smoothie at home with fresh fruit
•    Opt for flavored seltzers instead of soft drinks (check labels to make sure there are no added sweeteners, including the artificial type)
•    Order a plain iced coffee (with milk, if you like) instead of blended coffee drinks at coffee shops or the bottled variety at grocery stores
•    Drink more water (Try adding water or club soda to juices)
•    Try a naturally flavored herbal or unsweetened teas, hot or iced

How will you try to cut down on the added sugars in your favorite beverages? Also let us know how you did yesterday in our discussion or on Facebook, and join us on day 5

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