Try A Chair Exercise 3526

Try A Chair Exercise

Welcome to day 3 of the Move More Now challenge, powered by support from Humana.

One way to multi-task while you work at your desk: Exercise in your chair! Take advantage of the time you spend working on your computer, watching television, or any other activity you do while sitting.

Do seated:
  1. Squat lunges: Work your lower body by stepping into a lunge, then returning to your chair via a squat. Repeat using the opposite leg.
  2. Ab crunches: Work your core without standing up. Move your bottom to the edge of your chair. Place your hands behind your head, and lean back. Come forward slowly, then lean back again. Repeat.
  3. Elbow jabs: Bend your right arm and twist your torso to the right side. “Jab” your elbow backwards, like you’re elbowing someone behind you. Repeat with the other arm.

Watch the video to see these chair exercises in action. 

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