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Do Some (fun) Reading


Welcome to day 4 of the Decompress – Where’s Your Happy Place? powered by Compass One

Thinking about cracking open a book, but haven’t gotten around to it lately? Today’s the day. Commit 15 to 30 minutes to do some recreational reading, whether it’s a book, magazine, favorite online blog (pick us, pick us!), or something else.

Multiple studies have proven the health benefits of reading, including:
  • Strengthening the brain — The more you read, the stronger your complex network of circuits and signals in the brain becomes.
  • Increasing empathy — People who read literary fiction have a better ability to understand the feelings and beliefs of others.
  • Reducing cognitive decline — Reading helps keep your mind engaged as you get older.
  • Lowering stress — One study found that 30 minutes of reading lowered blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of psychological distress.

If your busy schedule makes sitting down in a quiet room to read a book seem impossible, today is the day to make it possible. Mark a specific time in your calendar that you can be alone to read. Tell your loved ones or coworkers you’ll be unreachable during this time. This may be in the morning before the house wakes up, during your lunch break, after work, or even later tonight after everyone else goes to bed. Find the time that works best for you, but make it happen.

What are you planning to read tonight? Let us know in the challenge update thread here or on Facebook.

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