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Keep Your Cup Full


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the FulFILL Your Cup challenge, powered by CeraVe!

Finding purpose and filling your cup is an ongoing process. It’s something that can happen again and again each day. When you continually give so much of yourself to your patients and loved ones, your cup will start to empty. But by focusing on connection, values, and your purpose each day, you can refill it.

Remind yourself to pause, take a few moments, and make time for yourself. Pausing to remember your values and reconnect to your purpose helps you find serenity. It can bring you more fulfillment within your professional and personal life.

As you move forward beyond this challenge, remember:
  • A few moments to destress each day is essential to re-center your body and mind. This gives you the energy you need to take care of others.
  • What you say to yourself (and others) is impactful. Keep it positive.
  • What you value in life is important. Focus on your values and passions, and also use them to contribute to your community.
  • Nature has a powerful way of impacting our emotions. Connect with it to heal your mind and spirit.

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